Work is undertaken after discussion and consultation with the prospective client. Building up a trust between both parties helps customers to know they will get what they want out of the furniture. The joy of being involved in the process from conception to completion is something that cannot be experienced when purchasing mass-produced products.

The wood used is sourced locally, mainly from the family's Timber Yard, which is always well stocked with a range of English timbers. I always keep my eyes open for that special tree in anticipation of the right brief to suit its aesthetic qualities.

Clients are welcome to view their commissioned piece at any stage of production. The finished piece is finally carved with my maker's mark and dated. The customer is left with a timeless, bespoke piece of finely crafted furniture, which can be enjoyed for decades and passed down through generations.

I also have a standard range of Oak furniture for those who wish to take a more straight forward route to acquiring furniture, the designs can be altered to a certain degree to suite clients needs and the type of timber used is easily changed.

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